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“Just like Industrilas, PMH supplies first class equipment for all kinds of vehicles. Their vast selection of lighting and ventilation products is a perfect match to us. We look forward to introducing Industrilas’ latching solutions to PMH’s customers in the UK, and bringing PMH’s market leading equipment to Industrilas’ clients across the globe”, says Fredrik Mölzer, Owner and CEO Industrilas Group.


Customer focus

Since the beginning, PMH has been known for its focus on making sure every customer receives the best solution for their type of vehicle and business. Always taking the customer’s perspective is the main reason to PMH’s growth.

“We love taking good care of customers and take pride in delivering what we promise. This has made it possible for us to develop the company and expand our product range dramatically. Today our customers represent all types of vehicles, from animal carriers and coaches to specialist vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks and police cars”, says Paul Mason, founder and CEO of PMH.

Expanding our offer

Once a one-person startup, Industrilas today have manufacturing facilities on three continents and deliver latching solutions to customers all over the world. And just like PMH, the road to success has been a never-ending curiosity about customers and the world around us.

“PMH is a perfect fit for us and it will be easy to incorporate the people and the products into Industrilas’ daily business. With their expertise and high-quality products, we will be able to service our global customers in an even greater way. Now they can access all their solutions from one single supplier. This will save both time and money”, says Fredrik Mölzer.