Padlock loop Universally right or left mounted Stainless steel Classified according to VDI 6022

Klima-flex 1 Latching System Acid-proof

Index Code: 2-311ef

These Klima-flex 1 latching systems provides a complete stainless steel latch and handle configuration. Handles and external exposed housing are always manufactured in acid-proof 316 material, available in non-locking or padlockable version. The latching units G40 and M are available in acid-proof stainless steel 316.

The non-locking handle 269076-00 can be ordered separately and can be used with all Klima-flex 1 latching units. Padlockable acid-proof handle can only be ordered as a complete system according to P/N-structure 2690- on this page.

Drawing A = Non-locking latching unit (G40)
Drawing B = Padlocking latching unti (G40)
Drawing C = Non-locking latching unit (M)
Drawing D = Padlocking latching unit (M)

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Product Data Sheet
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Recommended Tightening Torque
Handle Stainless steel 316
Housing Stainless steel 316
Latching unit Stainless steel 316
Nut Stainless steel 316
Padlock loop Stainless steel 316
Screw Stainless steel 316
Standards VDI 6022
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A product number is created by combining the figures in each column (AAAA-BB-CD-EEE)
AAAA Handle Surface
2690 SS 316 Handle
BB Locking
00 Non-locking
60 Padlockable
C Latching unit
G G40
D Material insert and housing
9 SS 316
EEE Panel thickness
025 25 mm
050 25 mm
075 75 mm
100 100 mm