Classified according to VDI 6022

Sealing Profiles According to VDI 6022

Index Code: 4-022

Most sealing profiles can be delivered as certified according to VDI 6022. These profiles are then hygienically accepted and manufactured from a soft solid EPDM compound, which minimize the microbacterial growth. This aspect is important especially in heating, ventilation and cooling equipment. 

For EPDM self-adhesive E-profiles in VDI 6022-quality, see table below. These profiles are available in a variety of sizes. Contact us with your questions and requirements and we will help you!

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Custom sealing profiles
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Material specifications
Standards VDI 6022
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Sealing Profiles Approved to VDI 6022
Properties Solid EPDM
Hardness Shore 50A - Shore 60A
Color Black
Temperature range -40°C to +100°C
Ozone resistance Very good
Weather resistance Very good
Chemical resistance Very good