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Round cylinder Classified according to IP66 Universally right or left mounted Equipped with integrated PUR-gasket (a.k.a

Vector P Hooked Cam

Index Code: 2-831

This patented heavy-duty paddle latch is available with left, right or universal grip handle. The latching mechanism securely latch the cam behind the striker and the more force that is placed on the cam – the harder it will engage the striker. 

Installed with a mounting bracket or four moulded-in bolts. IP66 water- and dust sealing. Key extraction: open/closed 

Available with the inside release safety feature. This enables opening the latch from the inside even when it is locked. 

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Product Data Sheet
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Vector P Handle Types
Adapter for cylinder (internal component) Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30)
Body Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30)
Cam Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30)
Cast-in bolts Steel, zinc plated
Cylinder Zinc die cast, stainless steel 304 cap and dust shutter
Gaskets Polyurethane
Handle Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30)
Manoeuver arms Zinc die cast, zinc plated
Mounting bracket Steel, zinc plated
Nut Steel, zinc plated
O-ring NBR
Striker Steel, zinc plated

The tightening torque of the two nuts for the mounting bracket is 3,0 Nm. The tightening torque of the four nuts for the mould-in bolts is 2,2 Nm. It is important that the four holes made in the cut out for the mould-in bolts are within tolerance, to avoid damage when tightening the M5 nuts.

Standards IP66
Cylinder information Cylinder with other key codes on request
Supplied with two keys
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A product number is created by combining the figures in each column (AAAA-BBCDDE-FFGG)
2800 VECTOR - Paddle
BB Handle Material
00 Universal PA6
01 Universal Zinc die cast, chrome plated
02 Universal Zinc die cast, black
10 Left PA6
20 Right PA6
C Mounting
1 Mould-in bolts
2 Mounting bracket
DD Cam
02 Fixed cam to prevent inside opening
03 Cam with inside safety release
E Type
0 Standard
FF Cylinder
01 Keyed alike 805
02 Keyed alike 455
03 Keyed to differ
06 Keyed alike CH751
69 Keyed alike 810
70 Keyed alike 815
71 Keyed alike 820
72 Keyed alike 825
73 Keyed alike 830
74 Keyed alike 835
75 Keyed alike 840
76 Keyed alike 845
77 Keyed alike 850
GG Striker H L
00 No - -
01 Yes 16 55