In general terms, ventilators can be used to either deliver air out of the vehicle, or into the vehicle. Depending on your needs, there are ventilators for both the floor and the roof, and they can be air-driven or electrical ventilators.

Air-driven, mechanical vents spins as the vehicle moves, creating a vacuum that sucks air out of the vehicle. This way they circulate the air inside the vehicle.

Electrical, motorised vents start as soon as the power is switched on. This means they can be used both when the vehicle is standing still or moving. Vents are available for both 12 and 24 V.

You can install our vents in all types of vehicles, with all types of surfaces. If your vehicle has a flat or slightly curved surface, you just cut a hole and it will fit snugly. If the roof is ribbed, place a plastic or gasket fitter to flatten the mounting surface and then install the vent. Finally, if there is a thick roof, use spray foam in the void to remove any chance or air leakage.

The inner valves are available in different material with several colours and looks to choose from.


Vehicles always have certain purposes and needs. In our accessories we offer solutions for those.

Glass top roof hatches are designed for motorhomes, caravans and buses. They can be operated manually or electrically. If you choose one with an aluminum frame, they are sturdier and add rigidity back to the ceiling when they are installed. Our largest version is certified as an escape hatch, according to EU regulations.

Lashing rings is a must for cargo areas, equestrian transportation, protection nets, work trucks and much more. Our range is stainless steel and therefore weather resistant.

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