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Mechatronic Rotary Latch (MRL)

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The concealed Vector Mechatronic Rotary Latch (MRL) is automatically latched when door is pushed to close position. MRL is released to unlatched position by an open signal 8-24V from an external access system. Equipped with mechanical override trigger in case of power failure. Vector MRL is wired to 12-24V DC operating power supply. 

Feedback signals for both door status (open/close) and latch status (latched / unlatched) are provided. The casted striker with embedded magnet must be used to create door status signal. All inputs and outputs are handled by the microcontroller, allowing flexibility and customization.

Available in three different standard configurations, see Technical Information.

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Product Data Sheet
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Recommended Tightening Torque
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Installation Manual
CamZinc die cast, chrome plated
StrikerZinc die cast, black coated or satin chrome

Standard configurations

  • Auto relock with kick-out spring
  • Delayed relock with kick-out spring
  • Delayed relock, pull to open

Auto relock: MRL will be latched as soon as door is pushed back into closed position regardless if the initial open signal from external access sytem still is active. To unlatch the MRL again a new active open signal is required. 

Delayed relock: MRL will not be latched when the door is pushed to closed position as long as open signal from external access system is active.

All latches are equipped with a mechanism to prevent releasing when exposed to strong mechanical shock.

All I/O’s are current limited and protected against power surges.

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BB Material Housing
C Type
1Auto relock, kick-out
2Delayed relock, kick-out
3Delayed relock, pull to open
DD Interface
1112-24 Volt
E Mounting
0Ø 7,0 mm hole
1M6 threaded
2UNC 1/4-20
FF Trigger
GG Striker
00No striker
01With casted striker *

* This striker with magnet needed to create feedback signal door open/closed.