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“I have kept my eye on Industrilas for a long time and our paths have crossed several times. It was high time to work with them and not against them”.

Jörgen Thorin, Business Development Manager at Industrilas

With many years working as a programmer of industrial machines, locksmith and salesman to OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Jörgen Thorin is far from new in the industry. As new Business Development Manager at Industrilas, he is now aiming for the markets in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Romania. The first impressions of the company are lined with expertise and camaraderie.

“There is great expertise and commitment here. Everyone shares the same idea of success for the business and the mutual goals are to improve towards the customer, offer better service and produce better products. Industrilas is a genuine company where people stay for a long time. I immediately felt the camaraderie, and even though my base is in Gothenburg, I feel close to the colleagues in Nässjö. It is important to bounce ideas and business opportunities off each other, Jörgen says.

Being in the industry for a long time means that Jörgen has built up his network of connections. He also has an understanding of Industrilas products which makes his learning curb shorter. But as with anything, the new position comes with challenges.

“I am going to work with large new customers on new markets and of course, there will be challenges. Previously, my primary market was Turkey and it is very different compared to the Nordic countries. But I am not afraid to face challenges. And I have incredible support from my experienced and helpful colleagues, Jörgen finishes off.