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When choosing a latching solution for exterior doors, there is a lot of information to take in. Aside from the purely aesthetic details you want an exterior door that is secure and a latch that is approved. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just combine two approved units, because even if you fit an approved latch in a security-approved door the combination may not meet the same resistance class (RC). 

Break-in Protection 1627 is a robust solution that solves this problem and prevents a door from being broken open. Break-in Protection 1627 is installed in the door and frame, does not affect other hardware choices, meets international standards and allows the door to be certified to SSEN 1627: RC2 and RC3. 

If there is an attempted break-in, Break-in Protection 1627 transfers the force to the sides of the frame and the door is held securely by the frame brackets. The more force that is used to break open the door, the more firmly the security brackets grip each other. 

Break-in Protection 1627 is a unique security product that is patent pending with the European Patent Office. The solution is available in two packages: RC2 and RC3.