When taking to the road for some rest, relaxation and perhaps a little adventure, the last thing one wants is to be getting annoyed over breakdowns or equipment issues such as latches that rattle, will not close properly, or are just plain bothersome.

Our solutions for recreational vehicles are designed and manufactured not only to maintain harmony, but also to add to the beauty of life on the road – time after time, adventure after adventure. Vibration resistant latches for cabinets, drawers, storage compartments and skylights on the inside, as well as for access panels, ramps and racks on the outside, make for a smoother, more stress-free journey all around. For climbing safely in and out of bed, we also offer lightweight, yet sturdy ladders with a clever design that allows them to be easily and securely folded away when not in use. And because Industrilas is certified according to IATF 16949, you can rest assured that the quality of our solutions for recreational vehicles is always top notch.


Besides access solutions, vehicles often need specific solutions that support its specific purpose. Industrilas offers a wide variety of external and internal ventilators, roof hatches, grab handles and lashing rings. If your vehicle has drawers, our wide range of superior ball bearing drawer slides is the answer to every need.


At Industrilas, we design, develop and manufacture our solutions inhouse, from start to finish. This way, our customers can rest assured that we deliver what we promise. It also gives the customer a direct, hands-on connection to the actual design and development of their solutions.

All our solutions are sufficiently tested and fulfil all the demands of industry standards. Upon request, our plastic and powder coated products can be delivered with antimicrobial protection according to ISO 22196.

Industrilas is a member of the International Automotive Task Force, IATF.

Environmental & mechanical challenges

  • Vibrations, heat, cold, water, salt, snow, dirt

Design & engineering features

  • Made for heavy-duty use
  • Vibration-resistant according to DIN EN 61373
  • Automotive quality in accordance with IATF 16949
  • Sealed to keep water, snow and dirt at bay
  • Fast and easy to install

Aesthetic & ergonomic benefits

  • Exceptional ease of use
  • Stays shut when supposed to
  • Stylish look and feel
  • Clever flush-mounted design

Suitable solutions

Industrilas Vector™

Industrilas Vector™ is a family of robust yet stylish latching solutions, specifically developed to endure all weather conditions, rough construction sites and bumpy roads. Vector offers three generations of T-handles, slam action latches and a complete rotary system, where the actuator handle is placed in a different location than the latch points. The Vector latches, as well as other Industrilas flush compression latches, are available with the same key code. This means you can use the same key to open all latches on your vehicle.

Industrilas AscendR™

Industrilas AscendR™ is a line of telescopic ladders with a multitude of application areas. Robust yet light weight and solid but still easy to handle. The ladders can easily be folded and secured under bunkbeds with our specially designed latches and brackets.

Sealing profiles

To keep water and dirt away, the use of proper sealing profiles is crucial. Industrilas wide range of EPDM sealing profiles are all fireproof according to UL94HB. If desired, we can offer profiles in materials with even higher fireproof classifications.


Industrilas offers a variety of hinges for the transportation sector. All are chock and vibration tested, with many versions in stainless steel. When you need an internal hinge, for a door or hatch to stay in the open position, the commonly used friction hinges are the preferred choice.

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