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“Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work with large businesses. Now, I am excited to apply my knowledge at Industrilas”.

Mikael Bengtsson, Purchasing Manager at Industrilas

”I feel grateful for this opportunity and it feels so good! It is a lot to wrap my head around in the beginning but that is the way it should be. I have been around the various departments of the production to see the processes and get acquainted with everyone who works here. And I have spent a lot of time with both Stefan Karlsson, CEO at Industrilas Sweden, and Fredrik Mölzer, CEO at Industrilas Group, to discuss my new role, our expectations and Industrilas future. I feel a great deal of support”, Mikael Bengtsson, Purchasing Manager, explains.

Even though Mikael is the new kid at Industrilas, he is far from a beginner in the world of purchasing. With years of experience as Category Manager, Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Project Manager and Strategical Purchaser at well-known businesses, Mikael is ready to tackle something new.

”My toughest challenge is to fill the previous Purchasing Manager, Frida Johansson’s shoes. She has done an amazing job and know everything there is to know here, inside and out. My contribution to Industrilas is going to be the experience I bring from the different roles and organisations I have worked with. I am sure that I can bring some new ideas and ways of thinking to the table. And I am so excited!”, Mikael says with a smile.