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“I know my career is somewhat behind me but I am doing this because it is incredibly fun”.

—Peter Magnusson, Business Development Manager at Industrilas

With a successful career in the enclosure and access hardware industry, Peter hit retirement age which meant he had to give up his position as President for the subsidiary in the United States. But there was more fuel in the tank and Peter swiftly decided to start his own consulting firm. After discussions with Industrilas’ management, Peter was onboard and is now our new Business Development Manager. The purpose is to develop opportunities and grow with new segments on the North American market.

“I have been in this industry for as long as I can remember and it all started when I did my Master thesis at Eldon AB in Nässjö, Sweden. My area of expertise was electrical cabinets, aimed for the Global market. During my time at Eldon, I was fortunate to meet and work with Industrilas’ founder, Klaus Mölzer. I later moved on to an enclosure and access hardware company where I spent 20 years working in Sweden as the CEO for the Scandinavian company, 13 years in the United States as President and three years as Global Manager of Sales for the entire group. And the reason I want to keep working is simple: it is incredibly fun”, Peter explains.

Peter’s love and passion for what he does, and the entire industry is evident, and we are happy that he was not ready for retirement quite yet.

“I think this industry is amazing and the opportunities are endless! Our customers are found pretty much everywhere and the exciting part is that they all have different needs and problems for us to solve. My wife says that I light up when I talk about latches, hinges and sealing profiles. My main goal at Industrilas is to be the first supplier that customers think about when they need new and improved access solutions. I am happy to be back in the industry and I am looking forward to supporting and providing new perspectives and ideas to the group”, Peter finishes off.