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Outside cabinets and hatches exist on pretty much all trucks, caravans, pick-ups and heavy industrial vehicles. It is essential to have a safe and secure latching solutions that can withstand strains like vibrations, climate, weather and daily use. The central locking Industrilas Vector™ T3 not only fulfills these requirements, its design and functionality takes this latch to a new level.

“It might sound pretentious but Vector T3 is developed to make the end users life easier. For instance, you do not need a specific key to open the latch. You can use the vehicles own key to unlock all T3 locks that are installed. Then there is the feeling. The usage of the handle is in a class of its own with tactile feedback that makes sure that the handle is always in the right position, Niklas Graberg, Global Sales Manager at Industrilas says.

Complete access solutions for the transportation sector

Industrilas Vector™  is a family with technical advanced and stylish latching solutions. They are designed to withstand heat, cold, water, ice, snow, dirt and all vibrations that can occur on roads and construction sites. When you combine a Vector product with the right hinge and profile, you will get a reliable and sustainable solution that often lasts longer than the vehicle itself.

“Today, 22 years after we designed the first Vector handle, Vector has made us a go-to supplier for the entire transportation sector. In addition to the new T3, that also comes with mechanical locking, the family includes three generations of T-handles with compression, a series of strong paddle latches and a complete rotary system where the actuator handle can be placed in a different location from the latch point itself, Niklas Graberg says.

Design to be trusted

Industrilas Vector™ is manufactured in Industrilas factory in Nässjö, Sweden, that is certified according to the International Automotive Task Force, IATF. With total control over the process, Industrilas can guarantee that all products live up to the industries standards and requirements. Industrilas strive to think even bigger and deliver functionalities that surpasses what is expected.  

“We think that Vector T3 is the best looking latch on the market, but perhaps that does not count as surpassing the expectations? A functional and important design aspect is that the T-handle cannot be lifted to the un-compressed position when Vector T3 is locked. This means that the seal of the cabinet cannot break without being unlocked first. This small but important detail makes the solution even more sustainable and at the same time, it protects what is inside the cabinet even better, Leif Krause, Production Manager at Industrilas says.

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Niklas Graberg, Global Sales Manager at Industrilas, + 46 (0) 10-130 75 50, niklas.graberg@industrilas.com

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