EV Charging

Complete access solutions for EV chargers 


The sustainable transformation to electric vehicles has only just begun. In the coming decade the infrastructure surrounding E-mobility will expand at a great pace, to ensure that people can charge their vehicles whenever they need to. No matter if it is a hyper charger or a home charger, protecting the live current elements inside the electrical enclosure is vital.

Industrilas Vision™ has been developed specifically for this purpose. It is a versatile family of multipoint access solutions, designed for all types of electrical enclosures. It is widely used for applications in Power Generation, Power Distribution, IT and Telecom. The elegant appearance and vast number of functional properties offers nearly endless possibilities. 

The main objectives for latching solutions are to ensure safety, to guarantee functionality of the enclosure and to provide the same smooth operation every time you use it. To facilitate this, Vision is designed to withstand seismic activity, electromagnetic interference and all types of weather conditions, such as heat, cold, rain, snow and lightning. There is also a handle option that is vandalism certified RC2.

Function and style – Industrilas Vision™ 

Industrilas Vision™ is a family of multipoint latching systems. The elegant appearance and vast number of functional properties make the system a perfect fit for EV chargers. You choose the components that suit your application, and we guarantee they work together. 

Vision solutions can be installed inside or outside the sealed area and are certified according to IP standards and GR-487. If you desire, there is also a handle that is break-in and vandalism certified RC2, according to EN 1627. 

When you combine the Vision system with Industrilas hinges and sealing profiles, you get a secure solution that is durable and will be a joy to operate for many years to come. 

Vision Outside and Vision Inside can be operated with all Vision handles, you simply choose the one that suits you and your application best. There are handle options that are certified IP65, IP66 and IP69K. 

Vision Outside

Vision Outside is the patented industry leading multipoint system for high quality applications. It is especially developed for electrical enclosures that require absolute protection against the elements.  


  • The latching mechanism is placed outside the sealed door area, resulting in a clean door design with no cut-outs in critical areas 
  • As the door is latched – it is fixed in all dimensions (X, Y and Z), creating a vault-type latching performance, second to none 
  • Direct load transfer from frame to door means no oscillations from load transfer via rods 
  • Unlike many other systems, Vision Outside operates with door allocation prior to gasket compression. This improves sealing properties and longer gasket life 
  • The system complies with the world’s most stringent vibration tests, torque tests and corrosion tests


The Vision Inside system is mounted inside the sealed area and provides smooth compression and latching. Vision Inside offers multiple latching points for adequate sealing in tall applications.  


  • Glass fibre reinforced rollers ensure perfect tolerance and smooth compression 
  • Quick assembly with a single rod connecting all latching points 
  • Flexible – the number of latch points is variable 
  • Intuitive operation of handle 
  • Low-profile and heavy-duty handle versions are available 


Swing handles are the most common manoeuvring device for Vision latching systems. They are available in die-cast zinc, glass fibre reinforced polyamide and acid-proof stainless steel 316, perfectly suited for demanding applications in harsh environments. 

There are four latching versions: tool operated, key locking, pad-lockable and nonlocking. The handles can have a regular cylinder, an oval cylinder, a profile cylinder or a Bestlock cylinder. Another option is to use the push-to-latch version, where the spring-loaded cam latches when the handle is pushed to the closed position. Dustcover is optional. 

IP65–69, waterproof according to NEMA 4. 

The patented Vision Lift Handle can be used to operate all Vision systems. It is manufactured in glass fibre reinforced polyamide and is available with a push button, a tool operated insert, a round cylinder keyed to differ or keyed alike, or prepared for a 40 mm profile cylinder or oval cylinder. 

The handle is spring loaded and pops out when it is unlocked, or when the push button is pressed. Since the locking mechanism is not a part of the actual handle, it is very comfortable to operate. 

Cylinders and inserts are covered by a sliding dust cover. 

IP65, waterproof according to NEMA 4. 

A Vision multipoint latching system is connected by rods, with rod guides keeping the rods in place. Rods are available in steel and stainless steel. Lengths are adapted according to your needs. 

For EV charging stations we recommend a concealed hinge with our patented function that enables the door part to be connected to, or separated from, the door frame with a simple click.  

All you need to do is place the door in the frame part off the hinge and then close the door. The door part and frame part will automatically snap together perfectly. Then you secure the hinge by latching the red safety cam.  

When you use click hinges with Vision Outside, you get a flexible solution where bolts and cutouts are in the same place on the left and right side. This allows you to easily create doors that open to the right or left.  

If you desire, there are of course a plethora of other hinges to choose from: small, large, weld-on, bolt-on, heavy-duty, concealed, flush, adjustable, prominent and versions for friction, corners and earthing.  

The concealed Mechatronic Rotary Latch (MRL) is automatically latched when door is pushed to close position. MRL is released to unlatched position by an open signal 8-24V from an external access system. Equipped with mechanical override trigger in case of power failure. MRL is wired to 12-24V DC operating power supply.  

All inputs and outputs are handled by the microcontroller, allowing flexibility and customization. 

Available in three different standard configurations. 

Quarter-turn latches are simple and easy to use, with a multitude of possible applications. They can also be combined with many types rods.  

For EV charging applications we recommend quarter-turns with compression, certified to IP65 or IP66 and waterproof according to NEMA 4. 

This stylish latch has a PUR-gasket and O-rings that ensure its IP66 water and dust protection. The adjustable grip range is 11–61 mm and it is available with keyed to differ or keyed alike cylinders.  

Delivered with mounting bracket for quick and easy assembly.  

Intelliclamps are used to connect and align several cabinets or enclosures. Each Intelliclamp 3D consists of two interlocking halves, a bolt and a nut. The halves are mounted on the separate units, and as the bolt is tightened, the two units are perfectly aligned in the X-, Y- and Z-axis. Each half is mounted on the separate units using rivets or screws. 

Manufactured in die-cast zinc, either zinc plated or black texture coated. Available in two sizes: 50x50 mm and 40x80 mm. 

Door retainers are used to hold a door in an open position. They are most often used to minimize damage to hinges and frame, or to ensure that a door cannot slam shut and injure people. 

The door retainers are available in versions with stainless steel. 

Choosing the right profile is vital for achieving correct sealing and compression. Profiles are available in many different shapes, sizes and materials, and if requested, we can cut profiles in fixed lengths to fit your applications. We can also offer profile frames with glued or vulcanized corners, ready to install on your door or door frame. 

All Industrilas EPDM clip-on profiles are certified according to UL94HB. And if needed, we can provide profiles in materials with even higher fire resistance classifications. There are also profiles with improved oil resistance. 

Profile solutions include sealing profiles, edge protection profiles, glazing profiles and self-adhesive gasket profiles.