At Industrilas, our job is to make sure we deliver latches, hinges, handles, profiles and accessories that first and foremost live up to the needs and requirements of our customers. However, we do not like to deliver the bare minimum. We want to take our industry to new levels.

We will do this by inventing, designing and manufacturing solutions that combine the best functionality, quality and durability – with a focus on sustainability and user experience. This way our customers know that when they incorporate an Industrilas solution in their own product, they will enhance its value and its longevity.

To lead by example, it is not enough to follow international standards and laws on sustainability. We have to improve every part of our business, from raw materials and production processes to energy sourcing and transportation.

For more than 40 years, Industrilas has challenged tradition and explored new ideas. The same approach will lead us to find sustainable solutions that will change the way people look at our industry. Solutions that will benefit us, our customers and the world.

One step at a time, every day, towards a more sustainable tomorrow.


  • Increase share of renewable energy and reduce energy usage/hour
  • Reduce the total amount of waste from manufacturing
  • Calculate the environmental performance of essential products
  • By 2025, 80% of company vehicles shall be electric/hybrid models
  • Develop preventive risk culture for a safe work environment
  • Promote healthy working conditions throughout our supply chains
  • Curb corruption by increasing risk assessments in supply chains
  • Continuously improve our work for equality


  • Initiating climate impact calculations
  • Developing a Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Mapping of energy efficiency actions in production
  • Reducing raw material usage in specific products
  • Researching alternative raw materials for products


  • 5 – Gender equality
  • 8 – Decent work and economic growth
  • 12 – Responsible consumption and production
  • 13 – Climate action
  • 16 – Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • 17 – Partnerships for the goals


Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


We are aware of our responsibility towards people and nature, and we want to minimize the effect that our actions might have on the environment. We aim to reduce consumption of natural resources, reduce production and process waste, and increase our share of renewable energy.


All humans are equal and have the same value and rights. Industrilas has an absolute zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of discrimination, and we continuously work to curb the presence of inequality and discrimination in our community and globally.


Industrilas shall provide conditions to ensure long-lasting sustainable development, prosperity for the company and value for our customers. We follow local and global laws and standards and have a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of behaviour that conflicts with good business ethics.

*This is an excerpt from our Sustainability Policy. The complete version is available here.


At Industrilas, we produce solutions from scratch. We have total control over the production chain, from design and manufacturing to final surface treatments and assembly. This gives us opportunities to innovate and adapt in every aspect of the manufacturing process, which includes:

  • Design and Construction Department
  • Mechatronic R&D
  • Quality Department
  • Tool Department
  • Turning
  • Zinc Foundry
  • Injection Moulding and PUR Gasketing
  • Punching and Bending
  • Drilling and Threading
  • Powder Coating
  • Assembly
  • Warehouse

Image: We are currently building a new factory in Nässjö, Sweden. Sustainability is one of the highest priorities on this project.


Industrilas currently has three manufacturing sites, strategically placed on three continents. This means shorter supply chains since we are closer to both our suppliers and customers, as well as better stability in production flows and lower emissions from transportation. Our supply chains are constantly evaluated based on quality, dependability, speed and cost.

Even though all our packaging materials are already either reusable or recyclable, Industrilas has set up a project to reduce material usage even more by optimizing the volume of packaging.

Waste material from manufacturing is reused whenever possible. This reduces the amount of materials we need to purchase.


We always want to establish long-term relationships with our suppliers. This gives us the chance to develop sustainable supply chains with a safe and stable flow of products and services. First and foremost, we contract suppliers who are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Suppliers must comply with the RoHS 2, RoHS 3 and REACH directives and the standards for Conflict Minerals.


Industrilas is aware of the risks regarding corruption and unethical business actions. To reduce these risks, Industrilas has a code of conduct that all employees must follow, as well as a whistleblower policy and a grievance system. Unethical behaviour processes are in place.


Industrilas’ vision is to be a key partner for a sustainable tomorrow. To achieve this, all our processes must meet quality standards, sustainability regulations and industry demands. Or in other words, we need to make sure we deliver in every way. Every time. Now and in the future.

We follow international directives and our quality and environmental management systems, as well as our products, are certified according to the appropriate standards.

Learn about our certifications here.

Image: In 2021, Industrilas was awarded a diversity award by the Municipality of Nässjö, for our long-term commitment to people with various disabilities.


Equality and diversity are of utmost importance for Industrilas, and we believe that all humans have the same value and equal rights. We believe that everybody can contribute and is worthy of a rewarding life.

In 1997, Industrilas and the Municipality of Nässjö formed Industrigruppen (The Industry Group) as a division of Industrilas. The project aims to provide meaningful work to people who find it difficult to access the regular job market. The group’s job is to sort, package and assemble products that Industrilas manufactures. Several of the group’s members have worked at Industrilas for many years, some even since the start of the collaboration in 1997.

"We love to be a part of creating meaningful day-to-day lives for the wonderful people in the group and are thrilled that they like it here, like their job and choose to stay with us. They do actual production work that makes Industrilas stronger. We are very proud of their work", says Fredrik Mölzer, CEO of Industrilas.