When designing an HVAC unit, there are many things to consider. Will it be used in a cold or warm climate? Will it be exposed to the sun, rain, snow, salt water or sand? Will there be a weekly need for access to the technology inside? Are there any specific security aspects to consider?


In general terms, the most crucial aspect of a latching solution for HVAC units is that it ensures the cabinet is sealed properly. The latches, hinges, profiles and cut-outs need to be designed in a way that makes the whole door completely sealed.

Another important aspect to having a properly sealed unit is if the air pressure inside is positive or negative. The reason for this is that a negative air pressure draws the door inwards, while a positive air pressure pushes it outwards. This affects latches and sealing profiles in very different ways.


The air pressure inside also affects the way a door behaves when it is opened. Therefore, an HVAC latch needs to be opened in two stages. The first stage should only open the door enough to depressurise the unit, so it is completely safe to open the door fully in the second stage.

When people enter large HVAC units, they need to be sure they can always get out, in case of a door slamming shut or if something happens while they are working inside. This is why an inside security handle should be a part of every solution for this type of unit.


Finally, when you have decided on a solution a final step is to make sure it has been sufficiently tested and meets the demands of industry standards. You can rest assured that Industrilas offers solutions that fulfil all applicable standards. Upon request, all of our plastic and powder coated products can be delivered with antimicrobial protection according to ISO 22196. More detail is available on each product’s page.


Industrilas Klima-flex™ is the most comprehensive latching system for HVAC applications. In combination with our assortment of sealing profiles, the family consists of all the parts necessary to deliver a straightforward and safe access solution for insulated and pressurized doors.

Use the link below to learn more about Klima-flex and how to design your solution. If you are familiar with Klima-flex and want to check out the specific parts, you can enter the product area here.

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