Food and Pharmaceutical

keeping it clean

The food and pharmaceutical industries are different from one another in many ways. However, they have one major aspect in common – the need to meet stringent hygiene and cleanroom requirements.


When it comes to hygiene it is not only about using materials that does not release particles and contaminate the air. It is as important that materials and solutions are cleanable in the prescribed manner, and that they can withstand the use of disinfectants over and over while still performing. Also, one thing to consider is that the used material is no natural breeding ground for microorganisms or mould.


In both the food and pharmaceutical industries, there are areas and cabinets that are more restricted than others. For example, pharmacies have cabinets where they keep drugs that are only available to people who have a prescription. To ensure that these cabinets deny access to everybody, they can be equipped with a key code latch. This way only people with the proper clearance can gain access.


Industrilas has supplied latching systems and profiles to the food and pharmaceutical industries for many years. You can rest assured that we can offer solutions that have been thoroughly tested and fulfil the hygiene demands of applicable standards. Upon request, all of our plastic and powder coated products can be delivered with antimicrobial protection according to ISO 22196. More detail is available on each product’s page.


Since the needs of these industries can involve a large variety of solutions, we would like to hear more about your specific demands and requirements. If you contact us, we will find the most appropriate solution together.

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