Discover the advantages of Intelliclamp – your key to flawless connection of units and building elements. Intelliclamp ensures precise alignment, essential for HVAC and electrical cabinets, as well as building applications designed to be assembled in stacks or in a straight line.

Intelliclamp provides a tight seal and stabilises frames, enabling quick connections of heavy modules with a mere turn of a hex screw. You can transport several units with confidence, knowing they will be reassembled exactly as planned. Simplicity, accuracy and reliability at every turn, makes Intelliclamp the clear choice for your modular construction requirements.


The Industrilas Intelliclamp 3D, a cutting-edge solution for uniting multiple units or building components, features a unique design of two interlocking halves complemented by a bolt and a nut. When affixed to individual units and secured through the tightening of the bolt, it ensures precise alignment across the X-, Y-, and Z-axis. Installation is straightforward, employing rivets or screws for mounting each half onto the units. Constructed from durable die-cast zinc, with options for a zinc plated or black textured finish, the Intelliclamp 3D is available in two dimensions: 50x50 mm and 40x80 mm, providing versatility and strength in assembly.


Industrilas Intelliclamp™ Multifunctional Connector is a patent-pending solution that offers a groundbreaking method for seamlessly aligning multiple units, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing assembly. Mounted internally at the corner of each unit, the two halves of the connector work to stabilize separate units at a perfect right angle. Upon interlocking, these connectors guarantee precise alignment along the X-, Y-, and Z-axis. Crafted from die-cast zinc and glass fibre reinforced polyamide.