RC Industries

“It’s beautiful. The Vector T2 is gorgeous. And it’s just as functional as it is beautiful.”

Chris Curtis, President and Owner of RC Industries


RC Industries is a manufacturer of storage systems for the work truck industry. Their toolboxes are designed, produced and tested to withstand the roughest and toughest environments. They deliver standard and custom solutions that are watertight and very durable.

To make these high-quality toolboxes, they use heavier materials and better hardware than their competitors. RC’s toolboxes are used all over the Americas.


When RC began looking for a new design to replace the old-style T-handle, they met Allegis and were introduced to Industrilas’ solutions. The resulting discussion led to the development of an even heavier-duty version of Industrilas’ classic Vector T-handle – Industrilas Vector T2, an anchor latch that perfectly matched all of RC’s requirements.

“It’s a wonderful product and it wouldn’t have been possible with other suppliers”, says Chris Curtis.


The Vector T2 has improved security, a double-bit key and the handle can be turned both left and right. The built-in gasket makes mounting easy on multiple surfaces, from powder-coated steel to smooth aluminium and even on the irregular surface of aluminium treadplate. The Vector T2 is also a direct replacement for RC’s previous latch, meaning they can send it out to customers for easy field replacements.

“The Vector T2 anchor latch has been far easier to install than our previous latch. It cut our installation time down by 40% and it’s a much more robust installation. And naturally, a quicker process lowers our overall cost to our end users”, says Chris Curtis.

Watch the video above to learn the full story.



RC Industries, USA