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Linn’s journey is just getting started

Linn’s journey is just getting started

It all began with a summer job and continued on to a part time employment. For two years, Linn Vannemyr tried different assignments at various departments and got a feel for the entire Industrilas production chain. In February this year, a new opportunity as an Operative Buyer presented itself and the Purchase Team invited Linn to come for an interview.

— Since this is my first full-time job, I did not really have a lot of expectations, but the ones that I did have has been exceeded, I really like it! I get a lot of training and support from the team, and I am getting more and more comfortable in my role. Both my father and brother work here too so this almost feels like home, Linn says with a smile.

At Industrilas, we do our best to help our employees grow and to move up in their career. It makes us very happy to recruit inhouse and to see Linn flourish in her new role!

Linn Vannemyr, Operative Buyer Linn Vannemyr, Operative Buyer

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