This year, Industrilas is a proud gold sponsor of Team Rynkeby Helsingborg. We hope that our sponsorship can inspire others to get involved and help to raise money for their important cause.

Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity organisation that originated in Denmark 2001. Knud Vilstrup, an employee at Rynkeby Foods (producer of fruit juices) was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and decided to do something healthy for himself. He wanted to get in better shape, whilst getting an experience. After discussions with the current director, Knud was granted funds to start a project were participants would cycle from Denmark to Paris, France. In 2002, a team of eleven cyclists and a single service member were ready to start the journey. The project went better than expected and Team Rynkeby was founded as a charity organisation. The purpose became to raise money for children with severe diseases - a purpose that enhances as the project continues to grow.

Every year, participants from several countries take part in the project and cycle to Paris. In 2022, 2,400 cyclists and 550 service members participated. The cyclists were spread over 65 local teams from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Island, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. The joint efforts from the teams generated about 112 million Swedish kronor! The money was donated to different organisations that focus on helping children with severe diseases. Around 30 of the 112 million was raised by Team Rynkeby Sweden, and the majority was donated to the Children’s Cancer Fund.

Help to those that need it the most

This year, Industrilas is one of the sponsors to the team from Helsingborg, Sweden. Something that feels very important and we are grateful that we get to take part in this major project. Team Rynkeby is a voluntary organisation and all participants pay for their own expenses. By being a sponsor, we hope to engage and inspire others to both participate and sponsor teams in the future.

“It feels good to be able to sponsor Team Rynkeby Helsingborg and their efforts to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Fund. The sponsorship enables further research and more help to those that need it the most. I am a cyclist myself and I know that it is not always fun and games. The participants have my upmost respect and I wish them all the best on the journey to Paris. And I hope they raise a ton of money!”, Fredrik Mölzer, CEO Industrilas Group says.