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“With the long history we have, it feels great to enter a new chapter together with Industrilas”.

Håkan Blommé, Business Development Manager at Industrilas

For over 20 years, Håkan Blommé has been a friendly face at Industrilas in Nässjö. With a background as a Handyman and Glazier, Håkan changed career path when he started at Proflex Trading AB. After years of visiting customers, discussing their needs and presenting them with the best solutions for their windows and doors, the transition into sales came natural. Over the years, Proflex and Industrilas had many encounters which resulted in in both business and personal relationships. Now, Håkan is joining Industrilas as Business Development Manager with the focus to develop the field of doors, windows and their latching and sealing.

“I like to see myself as a person who open doors and that is how I want Industrilas to utilize me. Since I have been around for a while and worked with both the operational and strategic side of this industry, I have managed to build up a large network that I know will come in handy here. I am going to do my best to develop and keep opening doors together with Industrilas. There is so much knowledge here and I am confident that we will be a great complement to each other. With the long history we have, it feels great to enter a new chapter together with Industrilas”, Håkan says.

Håkan is stationed in Stockholm but will cover all of Sweden and parts of Norway and Denmark. His office for the day and week will be determined by where the customers are.

“In the beginning, I will spend a lot of time in Gothenburg where Industrilas mechatronics department is located. Together with the talented development and sales team there, I am looking at how we can expand this particular area which is very exciting. And at the same time, I am learning a lot from the people around me. It is important to remember that a team can go much further than any individual can“, Håkan finishes off.