The internship at Industrilas paid off, and Martin Samuelsson will now utilize his education, ways of thinking and new, sustainable work processes and methods with us. This work will permeate and be visible throughout Industrilas entire organisation.


The decision to go back to school led Martin to Jönköping University and Industrial Engineering with focus on Sustainable Supply Chain Management. During his studies, he has been a familiar face at Industrilas as both his internship and thesis work have been carried out with us. Now, Martin is looking forward to developing the sustainability work at Industrilas.

"It feels great to continue the sustainability journey I have started together with Industrilas. I will work towards integrating a sustainable way of thinking into our culture, and the goal is that everything we do goes through a sustainability filter before execution. This can involve looking at how we can become more resource-efficient, our energy consumption, reuse and utilization of materials. I find it exciting to think sustainably and in new ways, and my motivation for it has been further strengthened since I became a father”, Martin explains.

When we hear sustainability, we primarily think about the environment and saving the planet. However, the field also entails conducting operations in an efficient, ethical, and decent manner. Furthermore, it includes treating all employees fairly, providing them with the support they need, ensuring they are in a safe environment, and that everyone has equal rights. To sum it up, sustainability is about finding a balance between social, sustainable, and economic parameters and applying them in the organisation. In the long run, it also involves doing business with companies that act ethically.

"Our customers will demand more from themselves regarding sustainability, and that's where we can position ourselves by reaching our goals and complying with the legal requirements. The role of a Sustainability Strategist is a big challenge as the field is relatively new, but that's also what makes it so fun and exciting. I look forward to good collaboration between the different departments and integrating sustainability thinking throughout the organization", Martin says.

We warmly welcome Martin to Industrilas!

Published: 2023-06-07