Vector T3

Our family of access solutions for heavy-duty vehicles: Industrilas Vector™, has grown this year. The latest addition is the Vector T3 latch that comes as central looking or mechanical. Both latches have the same excellent tactile feedback and like all Vector solutions, the T3-latches are vibration-resistant and sealed for water and dust. You can use Vector T3 with fixed or adjustable roller cams, as well as 1-, 2- and 3-point latching systems.

The Vector T3 has the exact same cut-out as the original Vector T1. This means that if you are using T1 latches today, you can easily upgrade to the new and improved T3 – without any hassle!

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Vector Rotary Latching System

Another welcomed addition to the growing family is the Vector Rotary Latching System. This is the preferred system when you need the actuator handle in a different location than the latch point or points. The complete family consists of actuators, latch points, wires, rods and strikers. And the absolute best part with this system is that you can choose your own combination to get the solution that suits your requirements to a tee. To eliminate buzz, squeak and rattle, the rotary latches are available with Industrilas’ Anti-BSR damper.

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All access solutions in the Industrilas Vector™ family is manufactured in high quality and according to IATF 16949.

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