Jarraff Industries

“We saved a lot of time on every single door on every machine, so we were able to build more machines quicker.”

Jake Schmotter, Director of Engineering and R&D, Jarraff Industries


Jarraff Industries was founded in 1979 and provides high-quality, specialized right-of-way maintenance, land clearing and tree care equipment. Its customers include international, national, regional and local contractors. They are always looking for innovative solutions and make sure they keep up to date with the latest technologies available.


Trimming trees is a precision job, especially when they are close to buildings or power lines. It can also be a dangerous job, with heavy branches, logs and debris falling from treetops. This can easily damage engines and machinery if they are not safely protected. Allegis therefore introduced Jarraff to Industrilas’ heavy-duty hinges for hatches and enclosures, and the Industrilas Vector T-handle for engine enclosure doors.

“Throughout the years the engine enclosure doors have been kind of a heartache for us. That’s when we came across the Vector T. The main objective was to create a better product for manufacturing, ease of assembly for our associates, and a high-quality product, which we found with the Vector T”, says Jake Schmotter.

By using Vector T, Jarraff no longer need to waste time on adjustment, like they had to do with the old latch. The second it is installed it fits snugly and closes correctly. As a result, the company saves time on every installation and can build more machines in less time.

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Jarraff Industries, USA