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In 2015, Joachim Groene approached Fredrik Mölzer and Industrilas and said: ‘Hey, I want to sell your products in South Arica’. Jean-Pierre Saelen, Business Development Manager at Industrilas, was at that time in the process of developing a small clientele in the country. But he was missing a local representative. Entering Joachim.

“I helped build everything from scratch, and have found distributors and through them customers, that further lead to established relationships. Fredrik Mölzer, CEO at Industrilas Group, was very open to exploring a new market and expanding Industrilas. He did have some ideas previous to me joining but, it is difficult to learn about a new market when you are halfway across the world. I knew the market and the people here and Fredrik saw the potential”, Joachim says.

Joachim’s role is Business Development Manager, and his sales areas are in South Africa, Australia and New Zeeland. He sees his distributors and customers as his colleagues.

“I have a very good setup and solid relationships with the distributors. I call myself a support system for the distributors and have contact with all the customers through them. We have very fast and direct communication. If I have a question or need something, I do not have to go through a specific contact person. I can just call the person in question directly. This is an unusual setup compared to others”, Joachim explains.

The largest industry in South Africa is automotive. Industrilas delivers handles, latches, hinges and locks for several companies that makes pick-up trucks and caravans. The customers want both custom-made solutions and standard products.

“We are doing well here. We have managed to stay flexible and arrange shipping and deliveries to our customers from Industrilas manufacturing sites across the globe. It is important to be able to make quick adjustments along the way”, Joachim says.

Being locally represented in South Africa and having Joachim establishing personal relationships is a great way for Industrilas to spread our brand across the globe. We are always excited about starting new expansion offices around the world.

Joachim Groene, Business Development Manager at Industrilas Joachim Groene, Business Development Manager at Industrilas