House of Technology

House of Technology – a 3000 — 5000 m2 meeting place for the manufacturing industry

The purpose of the future meeting place is to accommodate the industries competence needs through education and applied research and development. But also, to encourage the interest for technology with the younger crowd. House of Technology is run by industry businesses that are involved in the association Njutek, and will be built in Vetlanda, Sweden with Småland as its primary area.

As production and development of techniques is getting more specialised, the constant demand for the right competence increases along with it. At the same time, the trend to work with regional manufacturers is accelerating and Industrilas wants to make sure that we are the frontrunners in our region. It is both naturally and inspiring for us to be a part, and to work with House of Technology and hence, be a part of the long-term development in the region. We are looking forward to the grand opening!

Photos from what House of Technology can look like Photos from what House of Technology can look like