Industrilas receives diversity award

“Giving people with various disabilities the opportunity to work is one of the best things we have done”.

Fredrik Mölzer, CEO of Industrilas


— We have worked closely with Industrilas for many years and their commitment to these people is wonderful. With the support from a mentor, a group of 10 people work at their facility from Monday – Friday which is pretty unusual. We are typically the ones who provide the venue, but by working at the regular facility, the group really feels included, says Agneta Hylander, Head of the Occupational Therapy Unit at the municipality of Nässjö.

The municipality of Nässjö arranges occupational therapy for people who need additional support in the workplace. To have a place to go and to be a part of a community is an important aspect for everyone, no matter the circumstances.

— We want to be a part of creating a meaningful day-to-day life for these people and we are very grateful that we get to do just that. One thing that we should not forget is that these people do actual production work that makes Industrilas stronger. They play a key role for the business and we are very proud of their work, says Fredrik Mölzer, CEO of Industrilas.

The groups’ job is to sort, package and assemble the products that Industrilas manufactures. Several of the people have worked at Industrilas for many years, some since the start of the collaboration in 1997.

— We are thrilled about the fact that people like it here, like their job and choose to stay with us. I remember one time when I visited the office during the summer holiday and I saw two people from the group outside the entrance, checking to see if there was a possibility to come inside and work. I will never forget that, says Fredrik.


For more information about the award, please contact Stefan Karlsson, CEO Industrilås Sweden: