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"There is a personal and human touch at Industrilas which I highly value"

Hylke Velders, new Business Development Manager at Industrilas

From the Netherlands to Tidaholm, Sweden. About a year ago, Hylke Velders and his family sold everything and moved to the Swedish country side. Hylke was working as Sales Manager in Benelux at an enclosure and access hardware company, and came to Sweden to explore a new position. Plans changed and Hylke reached out to Industrilas to discuss potential opportunities. Which was fortunate for us.

“I was ready for a new adventure and the Netherlands is too small for me. Both me and my family really like Sweden. The nature is beautiful, it is spacious here, the people are friendly and my daughter has never been this excited to go to school. The transition to Industrilas felt right and I have both previous colleagues and friends here. So, it feels good being around familiar faces and at the same time, meeting new colleagues and getting introduced to all the departments in Nässjö”, Hylke explains.

As Industrilas’ new Business Development Manager, Hylke will focus on customers in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. He is also going to assist with projects in Benelux and France and be a resource to the sales team. Hylkes vast knowledge about the industry and passion for what he does makes him a perfect addition to our team.

“I have worked my way up from a welder to where I am today, and I really enjoy what I do. I like to work hard and I have two main hobbies: my job and my family. So, it is important that I have a healthy balance between the two. I truly believe in teamwork and the cliché “there is no I in team” could not be more true. You are nothing without a team and you need everybody to continue developing and succeeding. Mine and Industrilas’ shared goal is to become industry leaders. And we can only get there by listening to each other and working hard together”, Hylke says.


Welcome to Industrilas Hylke!