Recruiting inhouse

Joel Zachrisson is growing together with Industrilas

Joel Zachrisson is growing together with Industrilas

Joel has been with us for two years as Project Manager for customer driven projects and has been head of contact towards the sales team around the world. In his new role as Project Manager for standard products, he will shift focus from customer driven projects towards market driven projects. Joel is going to work close with Leif Krause, Global Product Manager. Together, they will map out different projects and keep making sure that planning and structure is meet, and Joel will run most of the operative side.

— It feels great to get the opportunity to grow together with Industrilas. Personal progress is important, and I look forward to getting my hands on new long-term projects with fun products. This is not just a step in the right direction for me, but also for Industrilas as this shows that they want to see their employees grow, Joel says.

We are thrilled to offer Joel this new position within the organization. As we continue to invest in more innovative products and mechatronic solutions, it is important to have people like Joel, who want to advance together with us.