We are so pleased to announce that Helen Nordvall is Industrilas Sweden’s new HR Manager.

—It is so exciting to be here and these past weeks have been intense. So much to learn and wrap my head around in this massive organisation. I have the greatest respect for those who have been here a long time and have helped build Industrilas from the ground up, and made it what it is today. There is a solid foundation here and I am going to use that to learn, find new ways to work and to elevate the company through this department. My greatest asset is that I really like to work, learn and talk to people, Helen says.

Helen comes from a long background of HR in organizations with different orientations, from the music industry to the furniture industry. She has worked with all parts of the trade and is used to handling all types of questions.

—The role as HR Manager never gets boring and it is never predictable. And that is how I like to work. I need people around me that I can learn from, and I want to get to know my colleagues and work together. This profession is in constant change and you are never fully trained which is exciting. I have to keep up with everything around me and roll with the punches as they come, Helen says.

Give Helen your warmest welcome!