Profile cylinder

Vision Profile Cylinder

Index Code: 1-211

Profile cylinder for Vision handles. The profile half cylinder is certified according to DIN EN 1303 and DIN 18252. There are lengths of 40 and 45 mm, it is made of brass with a 360° cam and it is adjustable in 8 increments of 45° (8-position adjustability).

The cylinder is delivered with three keys.

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Product Data Sheet
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Recommended Tightening Torque

For full system description of cylinder and key technology, se Technical specifiction below the product table.

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Technical specifications

System description of cylinder / key technology

  • Locking side has 5 spring-loaded, solid tumblers, axially arranged.
  • Consists of 10 sectionally arranged core- and body pins with “waist”.
  • Solid pin tumblers with a minimum diameter of 3 mm, made from tempered bronze/steel.
  • Nickel plated hardened steel core pins and housing pins.
  • One-piece solid brass cylinder housing, with a multi-layer galvanized surface treatment for higher corrosion protection.
  • One-piece solid brass cylinder core with a minimum diameter of 13 mm.
  • Convex core head with guide funnel and core head groove for positive torque-transfer when opening and closing.
  • Supplied with 3 reversible keys from nickel-silver for added corrosion- and wear-resistance.
  • Horizontal keyhole.
  • Cam adjustable in increments of 45° and made from one piece of sintered steel.
  • Spare parts available for min. 25 years.

Other systems available on request

  • Locking Type Z / ZHS / HS / GHS with security card.
  • Coded individual locking with security card.
  • Locking systems VdS 2156 class A, B, B+ possible.
  • Systems with technical copy protection, mobile elements in the key, optionally with increased drilling- and/or impact- and pulling protection.
  • Profile double cylinder with and without knob, cam cylinders, padlocks, mechatronic or electromechanical locking system.