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Klima-flex 2 Surface Mounted Latch unit

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The surface mounted Klima-flex 2 handle is a system for insulated doors that open outwards. The handle distinctly clicks into open and closed positions and creates 4 mm compression.

The smooth manoeuvring is due to roller cam and miniature rollers between cam and housing. Rigid three-hole mounting, and optimal cam support ensure gasket compression over time.

The solution is available as through-mounted version if inside release handle, safety catch or rod link system is desired.

Handles to be ordered separately.

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Product Data Sheet
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Recommended Tightening Torque
CamZinc die cast, zinc plated
HousingGlass fibre reinforced Polyamide (PA6GF30)
RollerGlass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30)
StrikerZinc die cast, zinc plated or black powder coated
StandardsVDI 6022
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A product number is created by combining the figures in each column (AAAA-BBCCDDD-FFF)
BB Type
60Surface mounted
61Through mount for inside option
CC Material / surface housing
55PA6 / Black
DDD Material / Surface striker
130Zinc, zinc plated
160Zinc, black powder coated
FFF Door thickness
000If Type = 60
02525 mm
03030 mm
03535 mm
04343 mm
04545 mm
05050 mm
06060 mm
07070 mm
07575 mm
09595 mm
100100 mm