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“I want to make everyone grow so we can continue to grow as a team”

Lucy Liu, General Manager for Industrilas China



On September first, Lucy started her new position at Industrilas China. And although Lucy is venturing into a new market, she is far from a newbie. With several years working as a Production Supervisor, Product Technician, Production Expert and Senior Consultant, Lucy is ready to tackle and learn a new role and industry.  

“I was approached by Magnus Wrigell, Executive Manager Industrilas China, who thought I would be right for this part. My previous experiences from working with European companies has been very positive. Everyone is hardworking, straightforward and professional. This fits me well, so when Magnus offered me the role, I said, “why not”. I know I have a lot to learn about the industry from my colleagues, and in return, they can learn from me. I like to share my experience and support and help people to develop their capabilities. Exchanging experiences and knowledge is a good way for us to grow”, Lucy says.

The role as General Manager means that Lucy is involved in all processes regarding daily operation, human resources and finances. One of her many strengths is improvement and quality work. Lucy has a lot of experience working with implementing ISO-systems and working with projects regarding cost efficiency and quality improvement. Her previous experiences will come well in hand here.

“There is a lot of potential here. Now, it is my job to make Industrilas China even better and to make us grow. I need time to understand details, processes and the organisation and I am quite busy at the moment. But it is good to be busy. We are in an interesting market and exciting time right now”, Lucy says.


Welcome to the Industrilas team Lucy!