We are happy to announce that not one, but two new Production Managers have joined our team, Andreas Granberg and Damir Petku.

—It is very different coming from a strictly controlled industry to a more solution-oriented organisation like Industrilas. Structure, new ideas and ways of working is welcomed here. I quickly noticed that everyone that works here is extremely driven and we are all working towards the same goal. My technical knowledge and expertise, analytic vein and leadership skills make me right for this role, Andreas says.

Andreas has a background in technical development and recently worked for a large Swedish company that manufactures outdoor power products. His new role at Industrilas is Production Manager for the Punching and Bending Department.

Andreas Granberg, Production Manager Punching and Bending Andreas Granberg, Production Manager Punching and Bending

Damir also comes from a long technical background with management and investment roles and technical work with machinery, production and foundry techniques. He is now Production Manager for the Foundry and Drilling and Threading Department.

—I am solution-oriented and creative. But at the same time structured and I believe that I can create commitment with the employees. I am driven by challenges and triggered by an environment where there is a lot to be done, and where it is easy to see effects of the labor. With small, structured efforts, you can come a long way. Me and Andreas started at the same time and have a good understanding. We come from similar backgrounds and have the same ideas on how we are going to move forward, Damir says.

Andreas and Damir are joining Industrilas in a very hectic time, and they are much needed. By implementing structure and new processes, a lot of work can be done in a proactive and efficient way.

—For us to succeed here, we need to be secure in ourselves and trust our abilities. This confidence is based in understanding the technical aspects and processes of the job, Andreas says.


Welcome to Industrilas Andreas and Damir!

Damir Petku, Production Manager Foundry and Drilling and Threading Department Damir Petku, Production Manager Foundry and Drilling and Threading Department