Tool operated insert For use with cam For use with control mechanism Classified according to IP65 Universally right or left mounted Equipped with integrated PUR-gasket (a.k.a

Vision Escutcheon Plate

Index Code: 1-007

Vision escutcheon plate is available for control mechanism (with flat rods) or available for cam with round rods. The escutcheon plate with double bit 3 or double bit 5 insert can be combined with a partially covered insert that makes the key stay attached to the escutcheon plate in the open position. This way the key may be used as handle while operating the door and can be removed again when the insert is turned to the closed position. 

Available as IP65 protected with PUR-gasket and O-ring.

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Product Data Sheet
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Recommended Tightening Torque
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Industrilas cut out versions
Cam base Zinc die cast, zinc plated
Escutcheon Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30)
Insert Zinc die cast, chrome plated or black coated
Insert extension Zinc die cast, zinc plated
Mounting hardware Steel, zinc plated
Cutout Version C
Version E

The product is suitable for metal thicknesses 0,8 mm – 3,5 mm.

Standards IP65
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A product number is created by combining the figures in each column (AAAA-BCDEFF)
AAAA Housing
1520 Control mechanism
1521 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise
1522 90° counter-clockwise
1523 90° clockwise
B Material insert
1 Zinc
C Surface treatment insert
3 Chrome
6 Black powder coated
D Protection degree
0 IP54
1 IP65
E Partially covered insert
0 No
1 Yes - key capture if combined with *
FF Insert
01 Square 6
03 Square 7
05 Square 8
07 Square 8 / slotted
08 Square 8 / M6
11 Square 8 / recessed
14 Triangle 7
15 Triangle 8
16 Triangle 10
22 Double bit 3 *
24 Double bit 5 *
26 Slotted
29 Slotted, recessed
36 Recessed hex 8/3mm pin