“We are happy to announce that Mikael Åkerman, Global Production Manager at Industrilas has accepted the new role as Vice President. His work ethic and the way he tackles challenges with his team always in mind, makes him the perfect man for the job”.

Fredrik Mölzer, CEO of Industrilas


Mikael will continue as Global Production Manager and the role as Vice President is something that he will grow into, together with Stefan Karlsson, CEO of Industrilas Sweden. The main job for Mikael is to replace Stefan when he is absent, and the focus now is to acclimate and get comfortable in the role.

—When Fredrik and Stefan offered me the role, I was shocked and did not know what to say at first, I was completely taken of guard. When I finally found the words, I asked them why they thought I would be right for this position and what the job entails. When they explained, I felt proud and honoured to have gotten the offer. What the title entails triggers me more than the title itself, and also which assignments and responsibilities that are expected of me. This is going to be a journey and with time, everything will fall into place, Mikael says.

Mikael has long experience in the manufacturing industry. He started off as an Assembler, moved on to be a Controller, Production Technician and then Production Manager, all at the same company where he stayed for 17 years. He was headhunted for the role as Production Manager, not once but twice, and the latest was in 2013 when the current CEO of Industrilas reached out to Mikael. And here we are, almost eight years later.

— My main trigger is working with the combination of people and technology, and to see them grow together. When given the chance to make an impact by improving job situations, making production more efficient and at the same time seeing a team come together, I am there. Without my team I am nothing. It just does not work without them, and I have the same point of view going into this new role, Mikael says.